Silicone Magnetic Scrubber Cleaner

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Material:Silicone, Magnet
Color:Black, Green, Red, Rose Red
Size:5 x3cm / 1.96"x 1.18"
Quantity:1 Set

The Magnetic Spot Scrubber makes it easy to clean the hard-to-reach areas of your glassware that sponges and brushes can't.
The magnetic glass eraser is composed of 2 pieces: the magnetic scrubber and the magnetic handle.
Cleans glass but will not scratch or crack it; large handle for comfortable grip.
Easy to use, Just drop the scrubber into the dirty vessel filled with soap and water, grab it via the magical power of magnetism from the outside using the handle, and scrub away.
You can control where the scrubber goes with the Magnetic Spot Scrubber using the magnetic handle.
Solve the problem of irregular glassware cleaning, it features 360°cleaning without a dead angle.
Size: 5 x3cm / 1.96"x 1.18". Simple and convenient to use, small size and easy to store.

Package Included:
1 x Silicone Magnetic Scrubber Cleaner

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